The Subconscious mind & visualization

The Subconscious mind & visualization

The subconscious mind

What is the subconscious mind?

The subconscious is a part of our mind. The part that we are not aware of. This part contains emotions generators, a sensory input controller, dedicated storage for habits, and our memory bank. We, humans, are mostly in the conscious part of our minds, which leaves emotions, habits, memories, and much more out of our control. Though there are ways to connect both, which gives us more control and insights. 

Science has proven that the biggest part of our feelings, emotions, and decisions are based on the impulses arising from our subconscious mind. So it is worth it to take a closer look at it and learn how to connect both for a more balanced and happy life. Your Subconscious mind is working non-stop. When you’re sleeping, walking, or resting. You can use the power of your subconscious to your advantage and settle almost any issue in your life. 

Power of Visualization 

Visualization is one powerful way to use the power of your subconscious. You can basically visualize anything. Health, Abundance, your new home, your new car, your heart, or your leg. Using visualization and the subconscious mind to build your future, is one powerful example. It is possible to create your life from within. By quieting the conscious mind and using the unconscious to visualized whatever your heart and soul desires. 

Only your thoughts are your limit. The thing is, that the subconscious mind can not differentiate if what your seeing in front of your inner eye is reality or not. It is a reality for you at that moment. Especially if it comes with strong, nurturing emotions like thankfulness and happiness. If you smell the forest that your standing in and feel the grass under your feet, taste the lime water you keep in your hand, feel the sun on your skin. 

The Subconscious mind and the Law of Attraction 

Your conscious mind knows that you’re visualizing but your subconscious will create what you see and think. This is also called the law of attraction. Visualization also works for focusing on the body when a part is in pain or sick. If for example, you have stomach issues. Focus on the stomach, see it moving up and down from your breath. When thoughts arise in your conscious mind, just welcome them and let them go.

Focus back on the stomach and the way it feels in your body. Then imagine it healing from the inside out, that could be a light rising on the tip of your stomach area. That becomes brighter and lighter until the pain is washed away by the light. Many people including myself use practices like this every day to resolve many different issues. Doesn’t matter if you want to create something, remove negative thoughts, or heal a body issue. The subconscious is as relevant as our whole being together. 

Removing negative thoughts and habits 

You can use the subconscious mind to release negative thoughts. You can do so by visualizing a situation that’s hard for you, which you overcome perfectly in your imagination. So you kind of reframe your brain and mind by letting it think, it is not though for you. That you actually enjoy doing it and you’re not afraid of it. As your subconscious is not making a difference between reality and visualization, it will solve this pattern.

It will become something you enjoy doing because you actually enjoyed doing it in front of your inner eye. It might take some time to change deep and old believes but it is worth practicing positive thinking every day. If it can make our lives easier and let us feel more connected, why not trying it? 

With this practice, the conscious mind learns as well to stay more quiet and intuitive. A negative thought pattern and thinking can be shifted to be positive and optimistic. It takes some practice to stay in that positive mindset all day throughout daily life, but it allows us to solve major issues in our lives only using the power of our minds. Check out my coaching offers if you want to work with your subconscious, and develop a positive mindset. 

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