The Mind – A Divine Gift


The Mind – A Divine Gift

The mind is created by the emerging and disappearing thoughts.

Whenever we are satisfied, calm, or happy, then we preserve our original nature called ChetanMann or Sachchidananda( (conscious mind). That never leaves us although it may disappear for some time. There is a need to protect our consciousness and mind against all types of negativity.

How to make The Mind – A Divine Gift

  • Let us ignite a lamp of awareness & wisdom to the mind. More the enthusiasm & appetite in the mind, more will be the precision in the efforts.
  • The mind should always be kept moving else it will rot & eventually succumb.
  • Mental tension has become an order of the day. People are money-minded rather than spiritual-oriented, following the norm ‘Eat, Drink and be Merry’ rather than ‘Live & Let Live’
  •  Just as food is needed to keep the body alive, Total rest or relaxation is needed for the vibrant & active mind by expunging mental worries and excessive exertion.
  • Devotion & prayers to God are the magical herb to cure all mental illness.


When Arjuna surrendered before Lord Krishna that it is much easier to control the airstream than a volatile & strong mind. Lord, the supreme Yogacharya illuminated that one who

  • practices consistent meditation with firm discipline & concentration , and
  • is shed all worldly desires, cravings & attachments, can supervise mind effortlessly.
  • Mind should be taken to a higher level through meditation by energizing & purifying higher energy centres (Chakras).
  • Inauspicious, ill-fated and negative thinking will be shattered and ultimately disappear.
  • As a man’s mind devalues, his nature & spirit also worsens. He becomes arrogant, jealous, angry, insincere, suspicious, and deceitful.
  • The mind is cleared of all the above mentioned disorders by simply thinking that each and everything is perishable in this world and dedicated to selfless & noble service.
  • It is a journey towards inner peace achieving peace of mind which is the real source of Joy.

A controlled mind is our great friend but when the mind dominates us becomes a great enemy. 

PURIFICATION: Meditation, Pranayam & Yoga  

  • To purify the mind, we should review our mind regularly. Just as we remove our stains & spots on our faces by looking in the mirror, similarly we should soul-search ourselves with a quiet vision and identify our faults, imperfections, messes & anarchies and choose to abandon.
  • We should sit patiently for a while in silence and watch the parade of thoughts.
  • By self-analysis, by introspection, by diluting faults through meditation one will be able to concentrate his mind in the Lord.
  • During morning one should not let the mind think about the worldly things. At that time our subconscious mind is more receptive and the conscious mind remains inactive . Therefore, whatever suggestions are given to the mind at that time, they would go into the depths of the unconscious mind.
  • Our mind is like an iceberg, a fraction of which remains outside is known as the conscious mind. The part which lives inside is called subconscious mind
  • Our mind oscillates like a pendulum between the past and the future. It becomes distressed for the past or impatient about the future.

The easiest way to calm and purify the mind is solitude, self-control and meditation. The more the mind is engaged in auspicious thinking, the more will be our spiritual growth. Just as a cow gives more milk after getting a wholesome diet, similarly when the heart is fed a spiritual diet of meditation, prayer, chanting it gives more peace.

Ref: SRIMADBHAGWD GITA ( chap 6.36-37)

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