Subliminal & Brain Rhythms

Subliminal Messaging

Subliminal messages are defined as signals below our conscious awareness. We are not able to consciously recognize the subliminal stimuli as it is below our absolute threshold level (ATL). The perception and reaction to subliminal messages happen in the subconscious mind. It is important to not confuse the subliminal with the supraliminal because only the supraliminal can be detected by the conscious mind. Those messages influence our behavior and provoke neural responses, without us recognizing it consciously. Subliminal messages often result in bringing us to do something we wouldn’t normally do, Without knowing exactly why. 

supraliminal & subliminal

supraliminal messages are like the opposite of subliminal. It is possible to perceive them in the conscious mind, even though most people fail to notice them. The subliminal on the other hand is not noticeable as it is happening in our unconscious mind. Here is an example of how these stimuli influence us. A British supermarket did an experiment offering wines from France and Germany. They had the same prize and level of sweetness. Then they placed German music on some days, french music on other days. The end result shows, that on days when they played French Music, the sales of french wine increased. The same with German wine and music. 

This shows how those messages detected by our subconscious mind, influence our decisions and behavior. In this case, the music is a supraliminal message, because the music is an external stimulus. The interesting part is, that most people said about their decision, that the music didn’t influence them. So even if the stimuli are recognizable in the conscious mind, it is difficult to detect them as one. It will still be powerful even if we don’t recognize it. 

how the subliminal works

Subliminal messages are happening in our subconscious minds. The part of the mind that we are not aware of, but that leads most of our decisions and behaviors. The subconscious mind detects outer stimuli without us noticing consciously. This is called a subliminal message. These messages, depending on what it is, influence our behavior and decisions. From what is known, subliminal messages sense visual and auditory stimuli. It can only be a few seconds of a video that triggers some reaction in your brain. It is impossible to notice these stimuli as it happens too quickly and below our consciousness. 

This goes hand in hand with our brain waves that decide the brain rhythm. The frequency of our brain also influences our being. You can read about it HERE.