Reprogram your subconscious limiting beliefs


(now, what to do)

Now you realize that your chosen one, what’s next?

What’s your next step?

So, a chosen one basically means that you realize that you’re awaken, that you’re totally a different being, then pretty much anyone around you. So, the next steps now that you have to realize is you have to start to master your craft. The next step in your evolution is “mastering your craft”, what is mastering your craft?

“Mastering your craft”, is basically you start to observe yourself; you start to go within, you start to understand that you don’t fit the norms of what society is, you realize that you perceive reality, totally different. So, your next step is first, the awareness that you do not see what 90% of other individuals see. For example, we all exist in our human form, and we move through three-dimensional space, well! we call it four-dimensional space, because now we count space and time as one. So, we call that space time. So now we have four dimensions of space, right? or four dimensions of reality, as this chosen being now you understand that Yeah! “my physical body is in this four-dimensional space-time”. But my ether itself, which is my true self exists outside of that spectrum. So, when you are chosen one, your next step in mine, to get this evolution is to start to harness the power of your heart. This is where you start to use your heart energy. Now, the heart exhibits an electromagnetic field, six feet beyond your body, it is one of the most powerful energetic fields there is, your heart actually contains a miniature brain. And it has things such as the brain has neurons, your heart has new rights, they found this out. So you have this incredible power. Now, on an awakened one, our chosen one now has access to hard power, heart energy over the heart. And as you do, well, it’s going to do a lot of cleaning. So, some steps are going to involve family and friends are going to start to fall off. That’s right! you may have different interactions with families, they may start to call you, a conspiracy theorist or they may say that you’re off the chain or the wall. Well, here’s something I want you to understand my friends, you know, language was created to obscure certain truths about what we are and when they throw around the word conspiracy theories, that was actually created by the Central Intelligence Agency to stop free thinkers. It’s a diversion. So, a chosen one, your next step is this, you become a free thinker, you are now able to think for yourself, you’re not with the masses, Chosen One awakened one, your gifts will come out your next step. Now you’ll start to inspire and alert and awake different individuals, people will start to gravitate towards you. Once you start to tap into your heart energy, your purpose will start to be revealed with you. So, you will start to release all friends or families don’t fight it, don’t try to hold on to it. Let the universe take its course. Next thing chosen when the next step for you, your manifestation and your vibrations now will start to heighten things will start to go clearer and more concise for you. Because you are accessing beyond that four-dimensional space and time.

So, you got to remember, this was something that you signed up for millions or millions of years ago, you knew this, you are built for this. This is part of you. This is why you came here. So, it’s natural for you. When you know, you know simply put it’s not about belief anymore. So, once you become awakened, and I’ve chosen what your next step, now you’ll start to build momentum. You’ll start to inspire; you’ll start to evolve in yourself; You’ll notice how your feelings; you’ll notice that you’re more positive; you’ll see that people will gravitate towards you. You will see the veil that they hid from you, you will see the truth, and you will start to help people. Now look doesn’t mean you’re going to go around and start. You don’t have to go around and start preachers and hey! hey! look, I’m the chosen one. I’m awake, I’m trying to help you. No, not that way. It works to your action, and your motives and your intention. Because what happens is, ‘remember’ when I said when you’re billed for this, they will gravitate towards you. They will say when you build it, they will come that’s exactly what will happen. You build it, they will come now you understand that your functionality and your gifts are what will create your doorway to an abundant and prosperous Creation. So as a chosen one, your steps are as follows. You become enlightened, you start to observe your mind, you become a free thinker, you start to release the old negative habits that doesn’t serve you, you start to let go of people who may hold you back, including friends and family members. This no longer upsets you. Because now you know that who you are, remember, you signed up for this, your manifestations will start to show the universe will start to mimic you, you practically enter this beautiful synchronicity of a dance, you’re in this synchronicity, flow with the universe, the numbers will appear, there’ll be your guides, your angels, your guides, they will start to show up, miracles will start happening in your life, you will start to see the signs before they manifest, your dreams will become more vivid, you will have more dreams, you will remember your dream, you will start to get pre cognition, you may start to see and feel things, you may start to hear things because you’re connected beyond that three-dimensional or four-dimensional space-time.

That’s the next step for you, as an awakened or Chosen One, you don’t have to force anything anymore. Now you can look back, and you could look at the entire spectrum and you can say, I know what that is, I know where to go. I know, I know not where to go, I know who to help, all those things will start to come to you. Because the fact is, you came to this planet, for this very reason. All the tools that you needed all the tools that you desire to succeed, they’re already placed in you encoded in your DNA, you can’t fail, and you access the power of your heart, the energy of your heart is now your manifestation tools, you’re no longer using the mind and now you’re upgrading to heart energy. Because an awakened person or a chosen one, what happens is, when they realize how reality works, and they see through the veil, they’re tuned into the heart, the heart now communicates with the brain, not the brain communicates with the heart, now, you’re using your heart. So, you start to feel within, listen to that voice that’s not that smooth, that quiet, calm voice, that’s your higher self, your ego, you’ll put it to rest because as a chosen one, you understand how the mind works, you know that the ego is the false self.

And you know who you are?

When you manifest, you put things in the heart. So how do you put in your heart?

You basically see an image, or you put a veil of energy around you, and you put the feeling of what it would feel like or what it would be like to have it to experience it, that energy policy, that six feet. Beyond that it goes out into universe and it brings it and there’s no stopping you now, that’s the next step when you’re a chosen one. So it’s a discipline, life at first, it may seem like ups and down. But trust me, it is worth it. Because you will elevate now, you are going to lose a lot of trash now you’re going to lose some dead weight, you’re going to move forward, but your steps are a miraculous and marvelous life. So, look, let me do a quick review. Now, the chosen one steps, you become aware, you stop using the mind you only use the mind for intellect to process you start using the heart. You start accessing the power you start listening to yourself, you start spending more time alone you start building what else you start to watch for the signs, you start to listen, your mind will not a higher mind will start to talk to you will get vivid dreams, you start to see pre cognition, you will see the veil and be revealed, you will start to inspire you will start to motivate maybe you start to become a teacher influencer of some sort, people will gravitate towards you, those things now will start to come Why? Because you are built for that. So that’s the next step. When you are chosen one, your work will show you no longer have to force and push anymore. Because now you know the structure and the veil of what reality is. Now you know that there are no set rules in reality. Now you understand that the rules are created to your perception. Now you understand that there’s another part of you that they don’t tell you, they don’t show you. Now you understand that they use language to cover up codes to coded messages to put down your mind. They use languages to facilitate are to put a facade over what the true meaning is conspiracy theories, things of that sort. lack all these things. These words, fail, can these are coded words to put you and dummy you down, Chosen One or an awakened one. Understand that the only language that truly exists, is the language that speaks no words. The language that speaks to your heart, the energy that’s what you attract. That’s the next step for the evolution of you. The Awakened are the chosen one.