Quantum Laws

What is the Quantum Field?

The quantum theory says that the present moment is where all opportunities exist. The quantum field is the delocalized vitality field that fills all of space with quantum particles that are conscious, compassionate, and makes a misty picture of all our notions at the time we have them. It aims to create positive change by using intention and visualization.

It is said that this practice heals the body and creates physical change. In the matter of meditation, it gives us the opportunity to create our future, abundance, health, or positivity. It is closely connected to our subconscious mind (add a link to subcategories subconscious mind), which we can use to visualize our dreams in front of the inner eye. Meditation is always quantum meditation is as well, because we are always connected to that field. Reflections of our thoughts and believes are always there and meditation is one of the powerful tools to enter this space.

The Power of Quantum Meditation

Important is to do this meditation with an intention in mind, relaxed, and in the right moment. Having the intention in mind to create the future, will automatically create the right vibrancy and frequency when entering the quantum field. This way you can let your heart speak in the meditation and manifest whatever is desired. Quantum Meditation is as well regularly used for Body health issues, visualizing the part that is in pain or healing the disease.

Like with any other meditation there are some simple steps necessary to enter the quantum field. If you’re meditating alone without a guide, you can listen to a guided quantum meditation or just have a strong intention in mind that will guide you naturally. Choose a space where you have peace, silence, and no distractions. Lie down, sit down or keep standing, but I would advise sitting at this position is said to be the one with the most fluency. Take a deep breath in, hold it for 4 seconds and then release for 8 seconds. Follow the instruction in your guided meditation and keep your intention in mind. Try not to get sucked into your thoughts, just accept them and let them go.

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