What is Psychology?

Psychology is the study of behavior and the mind. It contains the social pressures, biological influences, and environmental factors that affect how people feel, act, think and behave. Psychology holds so much information and knowledge about how we humans function and learning about it can help with understanding each other better. In the study of psychology are different types of specialty areas. Some are:

  • Clinical Psychology (mental disorders) 
  • Biological Psychology (biological processes like neurofeedback)
  • development psychology (human growth)
  • social psychology (group behavior)
  • forensic psychology (justice and criminal system)
  • personality psychology (personality)

Uses of Psychology

Psychology is used very brightly over many fields and occasions. The most common one is the treatment of mental health disabilities and in the treatment of such. There is also a huge field of psychological research, studies, and clinical findings which is important because it updates our knowledge about the human mind. These are some usages of Psychology: 

  • Understanding child development
  • mental health diagnoses and treatment 
  • personal development & well-being
  • self-help principles
  • psychological research and principles development
  • and much more…

It is not possible to put the wide range of psychology into one text because there are so much information and application possibilities. The largest part of psychology still works with mental health disorders and the treatment of such. Nevertheless knowing about our psychology has a huge impact on our daily life. It changed a lot for us humans to learn about our minds and having the possibility to treat disabilities. Even though this field is not around that long, about 150 years.

Psychology is connected to other fields

The study of psychology is also closely connected to neuroscience such as neurofeedback that is used in the biological psychology field. Our thinking, consciousness, and behavior affect or are affected by our brain, which makes these fields inseparable. Everything is connected and impacts each other. The Psychology study is just one field to study us humans. Look into the text about alpha meditation to learn more about our brain waves.