The Law of attraction



What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract anything we are capable of believing and visualizing. Our thoughts, beliefs and thought patterns create our reality. Your mind can materialize whatever thoughts, emotions or believes you are focusing on. Therefore, it is important to understand this law guided by the universe, as it has the power to change our reality.

Our focus is very powerful, think about what you most focus on during the day. And not just what tasks you did or where you went grocery shopping. What thoughts were in your head, how did you talk to yourself quietly? All these things matter. The Law of Attraction says that positive thoughts bring positive outcomes, as well as the other way around. Therefore, being aware of our thinking and emotions is important when we want to create health, happiness, success, and abundance.

Key Laws:

  • Focusing on the present moment is one important key for change and manifestation. Even if the present moment seems difficult and unpleasant, rather spend your energy on improving the moment than on being unhappy. The law says that this energy will create outcomes similar to your energy.

  • Similar Energy attracts similar energy. The Law says, that your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and energy you vibrate in, attract people with similar ones. As well as negative thinking, bad self talk and beliefs lead to negative experiences. Self-awareness and Meditation can help with that.

  • The third law says that it is important to fill up empty spaces with good, positive, and vibrant energy. As it will, either way, be filled with energy, the idea is to fill it p with positivity that can then grow into positive experiences

How to practice it:

  • being grateful

  • visualizing your goals

  • focusing on positivity

  • listening to affirmations

  • self-awareness

Your subconscious matters here as well, you can read about it here. You can practice focusing on your dreams and desires that evolve within yourself. Positive thinking and thankfulness for what you already have will change your vibration and frequency, which will bring positive change into your life. You have to believe that you already achieved your goal and sense the image in your mind. The smells, taste, and details of your dreams. The more you can dive into that picture, the more real it will become.

Law of Attraction and mental health

This practice is essential for our mental health. By focusing on the future, our dreams, and desire we develop positivity and happiness. It changes the way we feel when we believe that we already achieved this goal. This way of thinking and living brings strength and purpose to the present moment. The present moment is important and there is trust in the future. This can take tons of the shoulder in your mind, so remember to stay focused and positive. I practice the Law of Attraction myself and made incredible experiences since the beginning. Take a look at my Website if you want to know more about the Law of Attraction.