If you do this before sleep you will manifest quicker that’s right the secret really to manifest in our creating our lifeis a portal through our subconscious mindyou see the subconscious mind is the gatewayto higher intelligence the subconscious mind operates in infinite proportions your subconscious mind can find infinite waysto get you what you want.

I want you to consider that for a moment infinite a matter of fact don’t even do it don’t even try tofigure it out you know whywe can’t figure out what infinite is we don’t even know what it is we just havean idea that it meansa lot a lot a lot but i’m proving apoint herei’m showing you that there’s a part ofyour mindthat can create whatever you wantquicklyeasily and effortlessly.

If you justallowand know how to work it nowthe best time to program itis right before you go to sleep i’mgoing to sharea very special universaltechnique what i mean by that I’m going to give you one simple command that if you do this every night you will manifest quickly anything all right the only part to this is you just have to be consistent and keep the habits and be disciplined if you can do this you can program your subconscious mind.

Within six weeksif you can’t it will take you up to ayear or longerthat’s just the fact of the mind solet’s talk a little bit about thesubconscious mind and how it works okayso the subconscious mind it doesn’tunderstand at times it’s infinite it’s illogical it’s  gullible it’s like a childif you say tell it anything it believes.

 It’s possible and then if you keep telling it withenough passionand feeling it becomes a belief and yoursubconscious mind goes out to create itnow the best time to get to yoursubconsciousis right before you go to sleep whybecause when you’re going to sleepyou’re tuning downyou’re entering into the alpha thetastate as soon as you start to sleepyour first couple three maybe two tofour hoursactually two to three hours.

 You’re operating in a the state that’s the meditative hypnotic state that’s when you canget to your subconscious mind but there is a method that you can use right nowand you can get to your subconsciousmind and it’s a universalcode or language whatever you want tocall it i’m going to reveal it right nowi use this and a lot of individuals thati’ve helped and coach also are aware of this i’m going to share with you just one of them as many I could share but right now we’re going to share onethat’s universal for everyone and i’mgoing to show youhow it works and you start doing it youwill start to see results.

¬†Coming through okay so here it is rightbefore you go to bedyou must ask a questionnow people call questions afformationsthat’s correct but i like to refer tothemas subconscious suggestionsit’s more powerful than affirmations orfromour formations subconscious suggestion will activate or open themindalways remember statement closes themindquestions open the mind yoursubconscious isopen at both ends and i’ll get to thatin a minute but let me sharethe uh statement.

 With you here’s what you do right before you go to bed just ask say this out loudwhat would my life look like withthis whatever this is for example what would my lifelook like with ten thousand dollars inmy bank accountwhat would my life look like driving mylamborghini my porsche my bmw whateveryour car what would my life look likewith mybeautiful soul mate what would my lifelook likeliving in my brand new home.

 Okay you getthe ideathere it is anything you want or desireyou just say out loud right before yougo to bedwhat would my life look like and addwhatever it is you wantafter that now looknotice the tone you don’t do itlike a robot what would my life looklike withmillion dollars in my bank account noit’s not going to work remember your subconscious mind goes as far as you go if you go 5050 if you go 100 your mind goes 100percentnow here here it again what would mylifelook like with a million dollars in my bank account.

What would my life look like owning anddriving myperfect car what would my life look likeliving in my own beautiful homenotice the difference i add what passionpurpose feeling is as if i really wantedto knowthat’s the secret do it that way it goesindo the other way it doesn’t do anythingyou have to havepassion like you want to know all rightonce you say it out loud now okay why doi have to say it out loud.

 Why can’t ijust say it in my headwell here’s why i can’t do that becausethe voice in your headis dominated by your intellect or egomindthat voice in your head is tainted youtry to say it in your headyou’re going to call on your ego becausethat’s where it works it likes to be inthe headit talks but when you say it out loudyou’re communicating to the universe tothe higherintelligence to the super conscious yoursubconscious it hearsplus your voice is very powerfulbecause it carries vibrational.

 Energies to your larynx when you say something itvibrates and sends molecules of powerthat’s why you do it outward and itgrabs a tensionso there’s the answer nowonce you do this and you go to sleepall you have to do is close your eyesand justthink about whatever you just said thinkabout youhaving it or experiencing it that’s ityou start to do that every night and asi sayif you are consistent and deliberate youwill start to see results so what is theresultsyour subconscious mind now will start toprove it to you here’s anotheruh fact about the subconscious.

 It is aprover mind it must prove you to berightwith whatever it sees as a consistentpatternin other words the more you say this thesubconscious mindrecognizes as a truth and it has nochoicebut to prove it to you as an experiencenow here’s why it also worked a uniqueway your mind workssee the thing about your mindpredominantly the subconscious or thehigher intelligentpart of our mind even your intellectmindour thoughts must be congruent with ourrealitythis is a way for your mind to maintainwhat i call sanityand when i’m speaking about sanity imean a congruent reality that matcheswhat you say or affirmthe most this i call this a subconscioussuggestion so if you if you say thisevery night even ifyou don’t have what you want or you knowyou’re not there yet you know it doesn’thappen yet you’re not thereyour subconscious mind in its dimensionbelieves it’s already happening that’salso another fact about yoursubconscious it doesn’t operate inlinear timeit believes everything.

Has everything happened simultaneously or now so when your mind sees that picture orthat image and it says this is happeningbut what happens now it reflects on yourcurrent reality and it seesthat it doesn’t match remember what isaid your thoughts must be congruentso if it doesn’t match your subconsciousonly has onechoice to make it match because that’show the mind maintainssanity in other words it must come topassyou must experience it.

 Now as i said you have to do thisevery night discipline not one or twoweeksas i said it could take you takes dothis for six weeks you can get your mind on track but ifyou’re not a person that can’t be disciplined or you’re just up and downbe prepared for a long trip maybe a yearor soso the choice is yours nowthat’s a powerful way that you canmanifestanything quickly even if you still holdthe limiting beliefsnow i would encourage you that work onthose limiting beliefs as well becausewhen you manifest what you desire yoursubconscious mind.

 Will give it to you’llget it you’ll manifest itbut then it’s your responsibility to basically keep it right or to consistently have it and that’swhere you have to work on those limitingbeliefsso if you wanted something if you wantto manifest something quickly and get itthis is the best way to do it you’ll getit but if you don’t if you’re notyour limited beliefs aren’t there youmay end up losing it.

Again because you still have self-sabotagingtendenciesbut i just wanted to show you howpowerfulpart of your mind is and how you canaccess it and just manifest thingsquickly quicklyso there you have it that’s how the mindworks you can start using it right nowand you will see results.


You know the words we use in the language we present to carry a vibration and the vibration actually dictates ours determines what we call surface or our destiny we literally cast spells on our lives with the words in the language we useyes literally matter of fact what do you think when you spell a word when they say spell a word you arespellingit’s a language you are cast in what iscalled a spellthe thing we have to understand is thatlanguage was created to interpretour reality but nonetheless the language we use also sends a messageto our subconscious mind oursubconscious mind determines the spell we cast on our lives based onthe words.

 Weuse now here’s the thingwe’ve been pretty much programmed withsome verynegative and non-fulfilling words in ourin our vocabulary many many individualsaren’t aware of thisso it literally means that every day thewords you’re literally sayingare speaking you’re actually castingspells or limitationor creating the destiny that you likeyour life will takeit could either lead you to what youwant or it can eitherthis hamper you from creating your best life.

So the words are very very powerfulnow the reason words are very powerfulis because every word we speakwhen we use our vocal cords and the wayour tongueuh turns and twists it creates a certainvibratory frequencyeach word and each syllable has it theirown uniquevibrational pattern or frequencythese frequencies they go out and they bind and theybring into our lives the thingsthat represent those frequencies healthwealth success poverty poor all anything you desire those words can bring them in why does it work well.

Because the universe we liveinisn’t inclusive or intrusiveeverything comes towards us nothing goesoutit’s an intrusive universe we live in soeverything we say and speakit has life and i want tospecify a few words that you mustright now make an attempt to remove fromyour vocabularybecause they’re not going to help youto get what you want the first word andi’ve said this beforeis the word try we’ve all been taughtthat word.

Let’s try once you try to make it onceyou tryyou never know if you try you know whatwill happenif you try that’s right you will neverknow that’s all it benever never know because see the wordtryit means logic it’s a logical word toyour conscious mindyou interpret as okay i can try it mayhappenor it work that sounds logical but that’s a spell to your subconsciousmind because the word try basicallymeansnever ever get in or achieving it that’s what it literally means yes sometimes you may achieve it but that’sbecause you use will power in your conscious mind thattakes a lot of energy you pushand you toil and when you get it you’reexhausted.

 You’re down and most of the time you won’t even maintain it so instead of using the word try once you use this word i’ll repeat the process until i get mydesired result ssee that i’ll repeat the processuntil i get my desired results boomspell is broken now your subconsciousmind gets the messageno more try just do it until itmanifestsah now you’re learning next powerfulwordthat casts spells in our lives andlimitationsis the word failure to your logical mindfailure sends a message thatyou’re not good we’re not worthywe are less than that something negativehas happened.

It’s basically a a debilitatingspell of not having the confidenceor not worthy to achieve your goalsthat’s right that’s the word failure nowto your subconscious mind it’s adifferentit’s a spell now to your conscious mindas wellfailure could represent something thatit happens orit’s okay but not to your subconsciousmindsubconscious mind interprets it that youaren’tdeserving you aren’t worthythat’s all it takes can’t think it’sillogicalspell control your faith see thatinstead of using the word failurehere’s the word it’s no such thing asfailure only feedbackthat’s right.

 I never see anything as failure i just see things as feedback what does my subconscious mind say now spell broken oh no failure just feedback these things these things happen to teach or to learn from to make you better boom self-esteem is not broken manifestation can occur see the point here is that we don’tunderstandthe bigger implication of our languageand the reason is is because when wecreated these words or theselanguage we didn’t take into accountthe power.

They have over the in theunconscious mindin the conscious mind it became alogicalthere’s another spell casting wordlogic everything has to make sense to usas human beingsdid you know that the universe doesn’texist in logicthe universe isn’t obligated to makesense to you and ithings can happen instantaneouslywell think about this as humanswe always want to know why why why whythings have to make sense.

 To us right if it doesn’t make sense to uswe d we put it off as ah this issomethinginsane or a matter of fact we’ll keepgoing until it makes sensespell is another spell logic wasinventedour minds let me show you something yourintellect or your conscious mind wasneverdesigned to understand our make logicalsense of the universeour minds were only uh developed tointeract with the environmentnot to figure out why it works or how itworks or it makes sensemaking sense is something.

 We made up as humans it hasnothing to do with the structuralcomponent and how the universe createsand manifeststhat’s a spell so what do you dobut with these words you want to getthem out of your vocabularybecause they hinder you from such whatyou callsuccess there’s another wordanother spell you arejesus word now you are successful at alltimesbecause if you’re in the present you’rein the presence of beingsuccess is another spell it says thissays ahwhen you do this you become successfulif you don’t do this you’re notsuccessfulso they put now you put yourself in acategoryif you’re not successful you’re notworthy message to your subconscious mind no success.

 No not worthy but again that word success doesn’tactually haveany basis in actual reality it doesn’treally exist we made it upyou are always what you call successfulwhy because ev in every present momentin the present moment of nowyou are your true self you are who youare you are what they call successso keep that in mind spellyou are who you are you are one with theuniversethat’s it nowthese words or spellssee that spell in when they say spell awordit’s a spell individuals.

 Just say oh this is magic or anything well it hassome implication on itis a technical and scientifical aspectsto these so when someone when we saycasting a spellit’s nothing as at with mythologicalmagic potions or anythingcasting a spell is a trueand a basic component of how yoursubconscious mindcan help you or hurt youcasting a spell basically means puttingfaith or limitation on your progress tocreate anabundant life soagain we have to be mindful of the wordswe usekeep in mind the words you should useare words that will empower or create a positive component to interact with your unconscious mindso there you have it so now.

Reality DOESN’T EXIST Without YOU!

There can be no reality without anobserveryou let me repeat that reality cannotexistwithout you a participatorthat’s right you are a specialperson you are a special beingwithout you there couldn’t be thisthe universe it can’t exist science isshowing us that nowso i want you to think about that no reality without the observeryou literally collapse what we call waves the energy these particles into your current reality what benefits.

 Are there to do in this and what is what does thisall meanwhat is a reality without an observercan you expound on it can you shed morelight on what thatis all right let me make it simpleso in the micro world we call thatquantums and particles that’s governedbyquantum mechanics it’s a strange rule sothat’s the micro worldwe have macro world which is what we seein our everydaylives so the micro worlddictates the macro world the real worldthat you see around youand as i said these strange rules ofquantum mechanicsso basically quantum mechanics they’ve discovered.

 And proventhat two different observers areentitledto their own facts in other wordsaccording to our best theory of thebuilding blocks of nature itselffacts can actually be subjectiveobservers are powerful players in thequantum worldrepeat that you are a powerful player inthe quantum worldparticles particles are the things thatmake uplight and particles are the thing thatmakes up the atom and makes up you and iokayso particles these particles they can bein several places are statesat once so when a particle is in a state.

We call this a superposition butoddly this is the only case when theyaren’tobserved the second you observea particle in a quantum system it picksup a specific locationor state it breaks that superpositionso a superposition is basically aparticle is like freezeand when you’re not looking it just it’sin all possible outcomesand when you decide to observe it theparticle may appearat a specific location right so the factthat nature behaves this wayhas been proven multiple times you knowin a labone of these experiments you’re familiarwith is known as the double slityou have schroeder’s cat equation.

 You have quantum loop gravity theory you have quantum tunnelling so there’s a lot of experiments and alot of things are being shown about how powerful we are as these beings of light that can manipulate our reality you know and we’ve long suspected that quantum mechanics it allows two observers toexperiencedifferent or what we call conflicting realities so think about thatyou are powerful so does this mean humans aren’t necessaryto the existence of the universe while conscious observers certainly partake in the creation of what we call a participatory universe.

It’s very true to the fact thatwe as the observers have control of our lives remember that you have control over your life because again what is your life your life is basically from the quantum worldfrom the micro world and it brings upinto themacro world you can’t have the realworld or what you call your perceivedreal worldwithout a quantum world it doesn’t workso everything that you experience rightnow it comes from that worldand then it manifests into this worldokayso that’s very very importantso how can i access this observer effectand how can I create my reality.

 That way well you’vebeen doing it all alongbut you’ve primarily been doing it in anunconscious stateyou’ve been basically doing it on anautopilot program that was installed inyour mindway back when you were a young child ora young kidand that program the software operatesto your subconscious mind so you’ve been doing it so now the onlything now that you want to dois you just want to become aware of itconsciously aware of itonce you consciously.

 Become aware that you are in charge that this universe youand the universe exist as a paircan’t be one without the other it’s a participatory universe participates you’re you’re a player inthis game without youth game can’t be the game can’t existsowhy not make the game fun why not make the game what you want why not make the game become your dreams and desires so what’sthe issue the issue again is the program what you picked up when you were young you thoughtyou couldn’t create you you hadmisguided informationso the game is basically playing younow it’s time to take your power back now you play the game make the game what you want.

 How do I make the game what i want very simple awareness become aware of your surroundings what else start to meditate more meditation brings you into connection with thequantum world it connects you with yourhigher selfand then you have influence of changingyour realitywhat else very very powerful herepractice.

 The art of visualizing that’s right you can do ittwo waysmany individuals have a difficultyvisualizing because they can’tconcentrate all rightget some images get some pictures createan album in your phone entitle itmy dream life put all the pictures thatrepresent the what your life would bethe things in the picturethat would represent what you wantbecause what happens iswhen you the observer look at these things and you put the image in the mindyou’re interacting with that micro world now those quantum particles rememberthey behave according to your intention.

 And your outcome so when you look or you expect something to happen it will happen it does happenthe thing is you have to get the what wecall the time dilation differencesbetween the mindin your conscious mind it uses fake timewhat we call linear time we made that upin the real world or the real what wecall extensional reality it’s calledthe present time the now time soonce you have that awareness and just bemore presentpractice being moment break your days upinto blocksgo two hours three hours and don’t thinkfar ahead those little tipsright there will make you a deliberatecreator you can now bring things intoyour realitybecause again. I’m just showing you the science behind itthat you can’t be herewithout the universe or the universecan’t be here without you you both needeach otherthat’s powerful you have that much powerwithin you right nowcannot be a reality without you theobserverso think about that so what is your liferight nowthe way you see your life right now youcan change ityou can change it begin practicingvisualize meditateexpect see the things you want repeatthe processthis has effect on particlesparticles will come together and yourcurrent reality will become the realitythat you put in your mind because as isaidit can’t be a reality without you the observer.

How to stop being desperate for money to come so yeah stop being desperate for money to come so look money is a tool that we use a lot of us we need money we want money to survive but here’s a secret about money. Money comes to those who don’t really want money let me repeat that again money comes to those who don’t really want it who aren’t really in need or seeking it desperately keyword is desperation so how can you receive more financial abundance money abundance comes in every form money is just anoverall aspect.

 We use to put it in terms so let’sdelve into it and let’s talk about howyou can actuallyattract money instead of repelling moneyso we repel money when we becomedesperate in a state of need whathappens with desperationis desperation is tied to theintellectual part of the mindor your conscious ego mind seedesperation creates unique systems inour bodyit heightens our feelings our emotionsand it creates these chemical reactionswithin nerve cells in our brainthat we exhibit residential or resonancefrequency that pushes back.

 What we want in other words the aura of desperationcreates resistance and pushes away thevery thing you wantso if you desire more money in your lifeyou have to remove desperation so againwhat is desperation how does it workwhat are the traits of desperationdesperation comes in the form of feardesperation comes in a form ofoverthinkingof over analyzing desperation also comesin another tricky formvery very tricky tricky form a lot of usdon’t even are aware of itdesperation also comes in a form ofprocrastinationso desperation is a form ofover needing this thing if you don’t getityour life is going to end you don’t knowhow you’re going to survive it’s overit’sit’s done no that’s all an illusionso that’s the aura or the energy ofdesperationso why is desperation so powerful well desperation isanother very very powerful thingthat’s behind the scenes of creationthat you aren’t even aware of but here it aside.

Desperation kills momentumthat’s right desperation kills yourmomentumso momentum is very crucial in creatingour realitymomentum is very important in gatheringor you knowreceiving money so the universe andhow things work and it’s it’s a paradoxso someas many doesn’t make sense but rememberthe universe is not entitled to makesense to youso remember that we invented to makesense to ourselves because the mindneeds a reason or a purposefor us to maintain sanity so this is whywe’re always looking for things to makesense to usbut let me show you the true nature ofhow reality works in the universe whenit comes to moneyso when you are desperateyou are telling the universe withparticular moneythat you don’t have it the universeself-correcting codeyes no you don’t have it it agrees withyouand gives you more of what you don’thave so you you stop being desperate formoneyby recognizing that heyall i have to do is remove desperationand move into a state of acceptance.

When you move into a state of acceptancemoney comes to you nowso what does it mean to be in a state ofacceptance basically to be in a state ofacceptanceis to know that remove desperation it’sreally that simplemove from the opposite of desperationinto acceptanceacceptance is basically thinkingabout what your life would look likewhat’s the end goal of having the moneyfocusing your mind on anything besidesthe things that create the desperationto have moneythis will create the avenue for money tocome to youremember things run awaywhen you seek it too desperate it’s justa natural law of our subconscious work.

The collective subconscious because you create resistance repelsbut when you let go it comes to youso be aware just just be aware thatmoney is all around mei don’t need to be desperate for it itwill find methat’s how you move the spirit ofdesperation that’s how youwill attract more money into your lifeyupthat’s it that’s that’s that’s the wholegameif you realize that there’s money rightnow all around youyou cannot be without it must find youand you’re notgoing to stress and worry you’re justgoing to focus your goalsand see it and guess what the money willfind younow look in in your mind.

This may not make sense because the mind is so used to things making sense that’sa fine reason has to analyze as i saywait a minuteoh no no this is not going to workbecause uh the money has to come fromthis channel so you tell me money’sgoing to pop out of thin air that’s whatyour mind will say to youbut again we’re we’re dealinghere with some very higher superintelligenceintelligence beyond the nature of ourconceptual mindshere remember our minds can only see onepercentintellect and that one percent is partof physics we use physics to basically give us a map of our realities but if you want to get technical .

The laws of physics are just the crumbsman there. There are so much other elements to the universe that we haven’t had the capacity to figure out yet so the whole point isdo not try to engage and use your mind to figure it out because you it’s alosing battleit cannot see infinite ways that’s whyit’s importantso when you get into a state of flow themoney will come into youlaw of attraction law of gravity whatyou seek is seeking youit’s all there so the key remember the key is remove desperation once you removedesperation money will start to find youin amazing ways because now you open achannel to receive the .

Moneymoney’s not going to find you whenyou’re desperatenot only money but everything in lifeit’s not going to find you it’s going torun away from youbecause you’re sending a counter uhintuitive element or frequency you knowrememberi always say this and i’ll say it againwe live in an inclusiveuniverse an attraction based universeso it means what attraction .

Based universe means is this simple thateverything you want and don’t wantthey’re only one direction towards you and the key to get what youwhat you want versus what you don’t wantis where you put your focus or yourattentionare you desperate are you in allowanceso if you’re desperate you tune intothat universeand then you repel what you want whenyou’re an allowanceyou split the universe and you createthe new one where you get what you wanti mean we’ve seen this in our lives younotice uhwhen you try to get something or you tryhard it runs away from youwhen you say ah i let it go i don’treally care anymore it magically pops upinto your lifewhat you don’t really want is when youget it when you really want it you don’tget ityou all know this we see it happen butwe just don’t know the laws behind thembut now you know so the secret isif you stop start to look at money asyou have it is all around you and youcan get it it belongs it will come toyouit will come to you so don’t look at money.

 As I need it i have to have it i don’t know how it’s going to work that’s all alearned condition of our habitual mind we were taught  that we were taughtto fret to worry to to make it towork hard to force to get it and yourmind develop this habitual pattern thiscycleand the ego will just drive you into thegroundand before you know it you are stressedyou can’t sleep and you know what’s evenmore important than thatyou still don’t get the money see thatso why not take the easy route the moreeffective rock the way the universe workby developing a mindset of allowance.

  The key is once you develop a mindset of allowance you’re tapping into a higher intelligence known as your higher self that part can do the infinitecalculationsyour conscious mind can’t do that see that’s so there’s a there’s a alanguage that speaks to us that doesn’tuse wordslisten to it i repeat thatwithin you resides a voice that speaksno wordslisten to it you’ve felt it before youknow itdoesn’t talk in words it talks inintuition feelings vibes that’s how you attract the money.  They’ll give you the ideas the people the creation the ways peoplebring the money to you’ll get moneywill fly find you so you do knowyou do not need to be desperate not onlyfor money foreverything this is a principle you canuse in your entire liferemove the artof desperation the concept ofdesperationbecause that will stop your momentummomentum is what creates our realityremember how it goeswe create momentum momentum creates acritical massthe critical mass is what manifests inrealitymomentum killer the biggest killer ofmomentumis desperation it stops you in yourtrackso now you know get into a stateof allowance and leave the desperationand money will come to you.

All human beings have an innate ability to really create their life by Design””we all have an innate ability or gifts that we were given when we got here to accomplish our marvellous creative and prosperous life but our gives basically have been dummy down through our egotistical and our subconscious as well as our conscious programming that we received from our society or from The Matrix”so I want to help you I’m going to show you how you can find a ways to reveal your gifts and abilities how you can actually tap into what you were meant to do here what is your purpose here how can you use what you love to do to make a beautiful life to inspire to help or whatever it is that you’re passionate about so we as I said we all have this innate ability to create now are gifts or talents.

 They Come From Another Dimension they’re channeled to us or through us from what is known as our higher self so your higher self Works through your subconscious mind”the higher self is basically the higher version the purest version of you with more perfect version because it exists outside of the Matrix and it communicates to you do your physical body your senses your nerves and motions Etc that’s known as your higher self so yourself always get the information from the super-conscious you can call that to mind of God Universe whatever makes you feel comfortable that intelligent a Creator or intelligence it comes from there some gifts or what we called extrasensory gifts gifts of perception Gifts of discernment gift of knowledge and understanding.

 We also have the psychic gifts”some of us can be remote viewers we can be Sears dream interpreters has to travel all types of gift lucid dreaming the ability to remote view to remote influence to tell telepathy are these are all”gifts that were embedded to us from this higher conscious dimension”so how can you tap into your gifts you know what other ways where’s your gift really resonate well as I said all of our gifts and abilities they primarily want to go to the higher self and then come into the subconscious mind but they are really heightened in the heart so your heart is the key to find out what your gifts are”but the reason many of us haven’t really discovered our gifts or talents or what were brought here to do is because we’ve been basically dummy down to our intellect my you ain’t like mine basically will filter out your gifts and cross them off as coincidences are it’s not going to work or this can’t help you this is rubbish this is ridiculous because your intellect mine was taught through the Matrix.

 So it developed a limited perception of your abilities and your cast your gifts and abilities off as nonsense are you can’t make a living that way so let me show you how you can tap you going to use your higher self you also going to use the intellect mind a logical part of your mind to find out what your gifts are”so the first thing you want to do you may want to get a sheet of paper”and you want to put a line between the paper on one side of sheet of paper you going to write what I don’t want the other side you will write what I do want.

 For example I don’t want to be sick it was the other side I want to be healthy I don’t want to be poor or broke a I want to be wealthy and happy get the gist so after you write what you don’t want and then what you do want you want to take a look at the paper”and in all the don’t want you basically want to rip the paper in half so what you’ll be left with now is what you do want now I want you to review the things that you write that you do want”and once you review it.

 What’s going to happen just primarily look at all the things you do want for each thing that you do want monitor a feeling what does your heart say what is it going from a scale is it a 90% so here’s a rule anything you going to give me the percentage so you say Okay I want this I feel 50 or 60%”I want this I feel 70 or 80 per-cent I want this feels like 90% ding ding ding if it’s over 90% it is tied to your heart desire it’s one of your gifts anything on to 90% is just something you think you are good at or something you shouldn’t be doing anything over 90% is what you were made to do that’s called Hearts Desire so once you.

 Tune In is it okay I’m really good at this”that’s a heart’s desire now here’s the next part of this when you do this you do not put money or have your mind into it another word if you love to paint don’t allow your mind to say well I don’t think we should paint because I can’t see a way to make money doing that no just go with what you love to do imagine it as something that you just doing because you love it don’t think about money and getting paid or whatever it is just see it as something you want because hear something fascinating about your mind and perplexing you see once you discover your gift for example essay you love to paint”You Made Me Love to teach right music and do all these things but your mind is telling you well can’t make money doing that that’s an illusion don’t entertain it just focus on it so once you find your gift now what happens is now your heart will make room for your gifts to make room for you in other words your higher self now will create the channel the Avenues for your gifts and abilities to make you successful where the money whatever it is it will figure the way for you because remember it’s for the information from a very higher self level of Consciousness your intellect is very limited.

 So once you discover and see how man this is what I think I’m good at. Remember the key is this”the feeling you’re going to see when you look at the list and I want to be a good producer of I know the style of painting are while I notice I’m great at listening to other people’s situations I’m great at this whatever it is if it’s 90% if your heart says yes this is what we love to do that’s it you’re you’re bing bing bing you know you’re getting the warm but this time you hit the Bingo you’ve discovered a part of your natural ability so the next step now is now we’re going to connect with our higher self so once you find out if so you know what do something I really love to do then you open a channel to your higher self very simple to open a channel to your higher self all you do is you take a nice few deep breath.

 When your heart rate slows down your connected and just ask your higher self just a simple way hey now that I know what I want to do when I’m here to do can you help me in enlight me on”expanding these gifts and abilities to be of service to others and myself that’s all I got to do now once you do that now your higher self will start to work to create the channels and to help you to maximize on your gifts right but what if you got your gifts but you’re not sure you may say well I’m 80 or 90 go to your higher self again hey open the channel talk to your house I’m just like this hey I think this is what I want to do but can you be can you help me to become more clear can you reveal with my true gifts and abilities”.

Then let it go in the open and just focus more on what you want on the things you wrote and then it’s going to come you going to get the inside she going to get the feeling or say okay this is what I’m good at that’s how you going to discover your gifts and abilities”and then once you get have your gifts now you can take charge and help to change the world are the level of Consciousness I remember gives our mirror poems that we use to interpret and accelerate our reality so extrasensory perceptions of these things a psychic ability see what the world does in.

 The Matrix they look down on his ability to make them seem like it’s Tabu they make it seem like it’s Hocus Pocus and make it seem like it’s some sort of against of the universe are God and religion comes into all this thing this is all an illusion of Hocus Pocus it’s a distraction to keep you away from tapping into your supernatural abilities that we all have just how we are created it’s all of us as I said we’ve been dumb it down”the Kool-Aid do the Matrix”so now there you go and once you start to get into your gifts and your purpose you’re going to find your life exhilarating because you now know why you were here and you are now aware of what you came here to do.”

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BEFORE YOU GIVE UP, WATCH THIS! (this will help you

Before you give up watch this video is directed to youthe individuals who have been trying tomanifestand create what you want but for somereasonyou’re not getting there some of you mayfeel like giving upsome of you may feel like man this is awaste of time and this stuff isn’tworkingwhat’s happening let me help you andthere’s great lightat the end of that so called tunneledso look here’s something that i want toshare with you to help you to understandthat if you apply what i’m about to teach or reveal you will make you will make ithere’s the key persistence equals perseverance equals patience equals .

Manifestation let me repeat that formula persistenceperseverance patience equalsall desires manifested the three p’si’m going to break them down and showyou how the universe works and how yourmind worksand how your actual brainprocesses information the first hurdlethat many individuals face when it comesto creating something they desirewant is that all bigelephant in the room it’s called timeah yes that illusionary conceptof time so it’s the firststep that will help you to removeyourself from time and yes you can actually remove yourself from time ifyou didn’t know thatlet me prove it to you right now did you know that time is actually relative to the observer are you aware that your time and my time is totally different times.

So what does that say about time it says that time is n’t universal there isn’t such a past or a future everything is in the present our interpretation of itis our own intuitive understandingthat’s the first concept you want to getif you understandthat wait a minute so there isn’t reallythe time and my mind isis is beating me up and telling me it’staken long and years and monthsfirst of all there is no such thingin actual reality terms as a yeara month a day a week an hour a minutedoesn’t exist humans created thata year what 365 days rightif you live on another planet whatmercury 88 days for a yeartime is relative let me show this to youso let’s sayif you traveled in spaceat 99 speed of light for a total.

 Let’s say of five years when you comeback you will intuitively be five yearsolder than when you set on your tripbut guess what everyoneon the planet would have aged36 yearsdo you see where i’m going here so i’mjust showing youhow your mind can hallucinatethis false concept of a prison of timethat it’s taken long it you have toshiftyour perspective if you shift yourperspective you can master time now what’s the other factor that stopsus from getting what you want them you want to give upagain the old mind your ego it is constrained and it uses timewhat does the mind say to us all thetime ahit’s not working you’ve done this beforetrying too hard let’s just give up let’sjust move ondon’t do itdon’t do it and repeat it againdo not do it .

Because here’s something that you mistunderstood once you put persistence into something you desire that is a feedback to your subconscious mind you see the thing about our minds is ourmindswork with repetition. Repetition is something we have torepeat and repeatand we beat it in and the mind accepts it when the mind accepts it. It becomes a program it becomes aprogramit becomes a belief when it becomes abelief you become an experiencewhen it becomes an experience you get what you want so there’s no way around it this is howour minds work.

So that’s why persistence is veryimportant so what am i saying. I’m saying don’t give up keep going keep persevering because you’re having an impact in changing your reality let me show you something once you persevere or you’re persistent into something on the outside you may feel like ah it’snot working or i’m losingno you’re not because on the insidewithin the brainwithin the neuron the neurons anddendrites and the synapsesthey’re all creating this new neural pathway things are working inside the mind.

 They’re connecting your brain they’re creating a pathway but you can’tsee itbecause of the ego the mind that tellsyou it’s taking too longso this is why you must persevere withpersistencewhat’s the next factor patience againit goes to the time right so how cani be patientwhen my mind is showing me otherwise forexamplei don’t see the things i want to desirei don’t see them iit’s like i’m going to uphill battlewhat do i do well here’s what you doyou have to change your perceptionthat’s right you have to now start to befully present if you practicepresentnessyou will see big shifts in changing your reality things will manifest.

 It will come so fast that youdon’t even realize it whybecause you’re not immersed and you’renot watching the clock so to speakthe mind is so how do you practice beingpresentwell very simple technique is this is topractice breathingwhat else you can also practice beingengulfed or indulging what you’re doingso if you’re doing somethinglet’s say you’re maybe working onyour car just keep your mind on thatlet’s say you’rewashing the dishes keep your mind onthat nothing else that’s being presentthat means your hands are on the soapyou feel the soap you have the brushyou feel the water running on your handsyou’re you’re rubbing the dishes you’returning them over you’re just fullyimmersedthat’s being present what else if you’reeatingif you’re eating a meal you’re indulged.

Within the meal you feel the taste buds how good it tastes you’re drinking you feel it going down you’re just immersed in your senses your mind is not looking for what you’re going to do next or what’s going to happen after before you’re fully immersedso once you start to do this that’s whenyou’ll start to shiftyou know the thing about reality and howit works isyou know a reason why a lot of individuals really give upis because they’ve been constrained or been fooled by their own mind.

 Because their mind says if we can’t see it we can’t get it and it’s also been ingrained and engulfed in our society in our program here’s the biggest one they tell us hey when i believe it i’ll see it that’swhat the mind holdsthat is so inaccurate that is so wronghere’s how it really workswhen you believe it you will see itthat’s right let me share a secret withyouour universe how we interpret realityis based on what we call our story eachof us has a storyour story is a set of thoughts over timethey become repetitive they become abelief in other wordsour reality really works on what webelieveyou can choose beliefs that serve youit’s that simplenow repeat that again you can choose abelief that serves you here’s what happens.

If you see something in your life and it’s not going according to planchange your belief try it just say hey i choose to believe this you know what ichoose to believethat what i desire is coming i’ll haveit i choose to believethat things manifest for me easily andeffortlesslyi choose to believe the universe isalways on my sidei choose to believe that i constantlyget what i desire at the perfect timeif you choose beliefs in that sense andthen you focus your mind on ityour subconscious mind is the one thattakes the actionremember now it is very illogicala belief is a truth a truth to yoursubconscious that isand your subconscious now makes it an experience.

So this is why it’s important that youshould not give upyou have to push you have to believeyou have to be patient you have to bepersistentand you have to persevere those three pcollapse the universe into your favoryou see the thing again about your mindis your mind will go as far as you go ifyou go 100 it goes a hundred so just keep going keep pushing and you will see your manifestation the thing about this you have to understand is your conscious logical mind here’s somethingit’s farthest reference is in your past.

It will always go back to the past the illusion of time it will always go back there to try toprove something to you to show you youcannot do ityou have to hear the mind but notlisten there’s a difference let merepeat that hear the mindbut not listen to the mind let that sinkinhear the mind not listen to the mindin other words whatever the mind saysyou let it pass inand you release it with no attachment nointentionor anything that will stop youbecause once you understand that ourbeliefscreate our perceptions and your perception creates your reality you will take everything else just like the illusion of time the mind has constructed time in a linear format for structure that’s it we made that understand that fact and then you will always be able to persevere and get your desires to remember that the three p’s because the universe is always on your side.

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Manifest EASIER and QUICKER, When You Learn THIS!

You attract what you are and not what you want let me repeat that again we attract what we are and not what we want sounds counterintuitive right maybe even sound a little perplexing or right well let’s talk about it that show you what’s happening hereyou know many of us we have lives and we want things to turn it a certain way so we look at you desire something and we think about it and then we noticed we get the opposite or we get what we really don’t want right so what’s happening here soon as a fundamental law.

 We must understand”you let’s talk about you how you exist and how you work emotionally right mentally and also physically with the laws of physics so here’s a thing our subconscious mind or your subconscious mind only knows you think about that it doesn’t know Dad Uncle boyfriend wife”it just knows you so what does what does that mean it means it reflects”you according to how you reflect other people in other words the way you think about a person the way you view other people your subconscious mind will associate you has those persons it will it will believe or think that you want those type of Lifestyle those type of thielen or that type of experience because it only judges you based on how you see others right so when it comes to creating”you got to think about okay.

 What am I what am I basically means who are you now how do you see yourself how do you view yourself if you don’t have inner belief that you deserve something or that you’re worthy of it you won’t attract what you want you just going to attract more of what you are which is an eating us are things of that sort Let me Give an example that say you’re you’re scared of rejection you going to attract people who will take advantage of you or walk over you”damn that’s an example so if you fear a lot if you worry if you think about what you don’t want a lot that’s who you are and that’s what you attract here’s why it sounds counterintuitive because in your mind right you’re thinking and you’re saying well mean I don’t want that what you’re thinking about what you want right but what was happening here.

 We have to talk about the dominant frequency at work or dominant vibration and that’s the key dominant vibration what is more dominant what’s more dominant is not what you think mentally it’s more of what you feel inside it’s how you see and project yourself in word that’s the most powerful frequency that Will trump any thought frequency you have”so that’s why you know we talked about the law of attraction and a lot of individuals we use it but no one talks about that no one has chosen to wait a minute I only attract what I am so I don’t get what I want that’s that’s true now you can see how it works with the mind right so now the question comes alright thanks for inviting me on that now.

 How can I change that how can I attract what I want as well as become that very thing right so now the other words you know how can I basically become the best version and a Truck whatever I want instead of what I don’t want”well here’s our works we have to master two laws so we have to master the laws of quantum physics and we not answer the law of the mind running master I’m just just a little term not have to be a professor or be the best you just have to have this at knowledge of here it is we have to know that we have to be aligned with both laws K alignment here’s what you mean alignment with the laws of physics basically means that your emotions right they generate”energy right emotions energy motion so your emotions now will generate a feeling our thought that’s the energy that’s a like particles bringing particles that’s what we called quantum physics.

 And that term that’s what I mean that we have to get a line with now you’re conscious need in your subconscious so basically you’re conscious desires and your conscious intentions must be in alignment are in agreement with your subconscious alignment or your subconscious intentions and your subconscious beliefs”that’s the two laws so once you master those laws basically just be aware of them and start the views them now you’ll start to become who you are and attract that thing so how’d you do it well here’s how you do it number one just become aware that okay and now I know I attract who I am verse is what I want so that’s the first step to Freedom next step now is monitor your feet as in emotions now so what you want to start to do you want to start to take your energy or your mindset and put it mainly towards what you like to see happen see what you want number two number three is now you want to build a inner belief about yourself so how do we build in her beliefs.

 How do we change the blueprint of what we don’t want so that we can attract what we do want”well you have to start the practice believe in yourself so he has some tips that you can do right now that will help you are number one every day beginning with some form of gratitude about whatever you have in your life that you have to do that that’s going to put your mind and that’s going to put your subconscious mind into looking for things that resonate and I can prove that to you as number one number two everyday everyone”everyone should I say at least five positive things about themselves”everyday you must have five positive self-talk about yourself everyday you have to do this and you have to do it out of luck something as such as man I am so talented and gifted I’m so happy and perfect I’m so beautiful and healthy I’m the best at what I do I have such a great life anything positive about yourself say something positive about yourself.

 I am very patient and understanding I’m so good at this I’m the best whatever but it has to be a self positive talk”you know I never give up I am a great leader”things always work out for me I’m kind I’m passionate”” I’m brilliant I’m a genius”these are the self-talk that we must master that will start to penetrate into your subconscious mind and now you will start to attract things you want now you won’t attract the negative things are the things that were there before basically you won’t attract the negative subconscious blueprint that we were all programmer now look sponsible”for the program you received growing up okay so you’re not responsible for that but you are responsible for changing it.

 Now because now you are aware of it so when you had a negative programs fine. You’re not responsible but now that you’re awake and it’s your job to change them now so always remember that and also you got to always remember don’t be so hard on yourself don’t take yourself as sale I got to have perfect don’t be hard but you start to do this”this is how you going to see the change because now the inner self will start to reflect the outer reality right now here’s our here’s another tidbit I understand to make this concept work don’t remember right that you’re conscious mine has a set of beliefs and so does your subconscious that’s right you have to do barriers of the least within you want in your conscious mind and one of your subconscious and the one that’s really crippled and are holding us back is usually the subconscious belief of the doubt the lack we’re not good enough based on our parents in our society in the system.

 The way they showed us that you know we don’t have positive self-esteem all that plays a role and also you have to know how the knowledge and awareness that whoa my subconscious mind doesn’t know anyone but me so if you’re envious of someone if you’re jealous of someone”if you’re really killing someone if you’re hating on someone for having this or that you’re really doing it to yourself that’s right because your subconscious mind has no one else to reflect but you so the automatic will assume that’s what you want and then you’ll get that back in your life”see that that’s a powerful secret there so now you know”how do I become who I want menudo Creek review number one practice positive self-talk daily number to align your emotions with your desires basically feel the way you like to feel see it right number three just have the awareness to know that my subconscious mind only knows me you start to do these things and you start to put it into practice you will see the Improvement and you will change your reality”.

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If you Master THIS, Your REALITY WILL CHANGE! ( deliberate creators )

How to develop super heightenedintuitionon demand yes the language of intuitionif you can master intuition if you canmaster this languageyour reality will totally change youwill be a deliberate creatorand a master of your reality intuitionis the language beyond all languagesintuition you will never be wrongintuition can lead you to success it will give you an edge in every partof your life you will be ahead of thegamewhen you master the language of intuition so todaythis is what i’m going to teach you i’mgoing to teach youthree powerful techniques that i usethat i’m going to share with you that will make you receive superheightened intuition on demand that’s right you’ll literally be able to tap into your intuitive power sand get ahead of the pack and create and manifest and have a marvelous life.

 All right so before we get into itlet’s talk about intuition we have toknow what intuition iswhat language it is and how to listen toit all rightso basically in uh sum it up in shorttermsintuition is the ability to haveknowledge and truthwithout rational or analytical thinkingintuition is the ability to just knowsomethingand know it with truth and knowledgewithout accessing yourintellect or the reptilian mind for theanswersso when you get into intuition you’rechanneling from a different dimension.

You’re channeling from a high sourceyou’re channeling from super consciousstates of mindhigher self god the universe all rightso now you have an understanding whatintuition is so now you know so now youknow okay so intuition workswhere it bypasses my intellect mind andi just know itand it’s just truth and it happens andit comes to betruth and it manifests and it alwaysworks outthat’s correct that’s intuition now nextcomponentthe voice of intuition so in order toman tocreate or activate heightened superintuitionyou have to know how it speaks to youright because you have these voices inyour head right you have your intellectmindso here’s the easy way to figure it outso here’s what happensintuition will never speak to you in thefollowing wayif you have to be right or your mindkeeps telling youi just know.

 I’m right this is the wayit’s not your intuitionit’s your ego the voice of intuitionwill be sudden impactful it will justhappen it will bypass your criticalthinking mindso if a voice in your head is saying toyouyes we’re right let’s do this and you’rethinking it’s not your intuitionthe voice of intuition is calmit’s precise it’s confident it justknowsit doesn’t talk it doesn’t say think itjust pops inand it mainly communicates to youthrough nudgesfeelings and if it communicates to youin a voice the voice will bea voice of truth and just knowing.

 It won’t have any impact or anyuh incentive to be right it will justbecome right okay so that’s now you have a prettybasic understanding of it all right nowlet’s get into the three most powerfultechniquesthat you start using them right nowyou’re going to developsuper heightened intuition all righthere’s the first tech here’s the firsttechnique that will develop yourintuition to bevery very heightened you have to setup a feedback loop with your intuitionthat’s right you’re going to use yourbodyto activate your intuition this is verypowerfulonce you do this you’re gonna you’regonna be blown away.

You might say whoa! this really does work i’ve been usingthis for yearsall right so here’s what you do so pick some part of your bodythat you can get a signal from to set upa linkwith your intuitive mind to let you knowif something is rightor something is wrong for you once youdevelop the linkit’s going to be an automatic process so you won’t even have to talk about itanymoreyou’ll be walking around and the linkyou set up will be activated so let megive an examplefor with me so what i do is i develop alink so i picksome parts of my body that i know thatis unique to meand if it if it gives me a signal orsome sort of uh attention.

Then i know it’s my intuitive mindtalking to me so for me i’ll say thisand you can use this or you can useanother part you say lookgive me a sign if something is right formegive me a twitch in myright eye so my right eye now ifsomething is right or something is inharmony or something is good for meor if i want to make a decision and if iget a twitch in my right eyethen i know i’m going to go through withthe process yes it’s myintuition or my higher self working tointuition rightnow for something that’s not good for mei’ll say okay give mea ringing in my right or left earif something isn’t right or i meansomething isn’twrong if something is wrong for me orisn’t right for meright i want you to get that that’s verypowerfulnow look usethis link in parts of your body so ifyou’re someone who constantly gettwitches in the eye or ring in the airthen you won’t use that because it couldbe confusing because you naturally getringing in your ear or twitch in youreyesso use another body part maybe say giveme ayou know my toes or if i feel my thingmy fingers or pick something on yourbodythat you know that is unique to you thatit when it get responds back to you sayoh this is my intuitionokay that’s very powerful that feedbackloop nowestablishes that you’re connected.

 With your true self i’ve done this plenty of time so if there’s times when i have to make an investment or to do something that’s right or to investor to meet someone. I’ll always i i know these links if istart to go out and i start to meetsomeoneall of a sudden i get a ringing in myear or someone’s talking to me and saysheymark i want you to invest or why don’tyou get on board with thisand i’m talking and all of a sudden myear starts to ring then i know ahead oftime i said nocan’t do business okay because i knowhe’s always right or if i’m out andsomeone’s doing something.

  I’m thinking of doing something all of a sudden my eyes start to twitchi said okay good i’m on the right pathi’ll go ahead and i’lldo that or invest with that or i’ll gothat directionnever been wrong before since i’ve beendoing this all rightthat’s the first method the nextmethod is listen to yourgut literally here’s the next onevery powerful one as well so what you doisyou literally place your handon your gutand just relax then you askquestions out aloudfor example you could sayshould i go with so and soshould i invest with that is this rightfor me oris this person this or is this directionshould i take this job should i go tothis tripwhatever it is anything you want to findor know if you’re going to be successfulor. You should hold back you put your hands on your gut see whathappens is when you put your hands onyour gutwhat’s going to happen now is you’re going to feels something within your gut.

 So if the event or the situation is a go-ahead foryouyour gut’s gonna feel this soothe andrelaxed and calm feelingif something isn’t right or youshouldn’t do it you’ll either feel onethe following you may feel a little bitqueasya little bit nervous in the gut there’syour answerokay why does this work well here’ssomething about your gutyour gut is the interesting nervoussystemit has neurotransmitters just like yourbrain your gut and your heartoperate independently from your brainthat’s right your gut has a mini brainyour gut communicates to higherintelligence higher sourcesuper conscious mind without theinterference of your mindso when you get these feelings coming inthey bypass your critical thinking mindor your intellect mindand they they come true as truthknowledge and source you do this you’llnever be wrongbecause you’re not interfering with athinking rational mindyou’re not saying well maybe i should idon’t know it’sclear boom it goes right through youeither feel.

 That okay it feels good i’m going withit if you feel queasya little bit unnerving a little bitnervousness in the stomachno don’t do it that’s how you’re gonnadevelopheightened super intuitive powersright so we have those two all rightnext one now last one very powerfulyou’re gonna use the energy of the sunthat’s right using the sun will give youheightened super intuition on demandit’s very simplewhat you do is basically walk outsideon a sunny day stand where you can feelthe energy of the sundo not look up on the sun don’t gaze atthe sunokay just stand somewhere where the suncan radiate your entire bodyonce you feel your body being warmth bythe sun or the energy of the sungo ahead and ask questions out loudagainfor example how would it look to havethishow can i get that what would my lifelook like with thisis this right should i go there should ido this ask those questions out a lotonce you do that and you’re feeling theenergy of the sun you’re automaticallytappedin to that higher source.

 Of intuitivepowers againwhy well the sun the sungives energy to all life without the sunnobody would be here not even life couldexist without the sunthe sun’s energy is the starteror the powerhouse of all vibrationalforcesthe sun radiates tremendous amounts ofenergyin different forms of wavelengths andlight and the atomic components and theparticles in the sunthey come together they entangle andthey create these vibrationsthat we interpret as our reality so onceyou’re tapped into that sun’s energyyou’re transmuting it you’re actuallytaking the energyand you’re fueling it and it’s a directlink to source so it comesback to you again in knowledge.

And truth without any critical thinking so the minute you askthat questionand the sun okay and you say okay howwould it feel to do thiswell what can i do to get that and youme you let it goand you start to walk off boom the answer might just come to you right thenand thereyou may not come right then and therebut what about later on if you’re havingdinnerboom all of a sudden it comes in yourhead oh that’s what i’ll do i shouldhave done thatthat’s how it works it’ll actually comeinto your critical thinking mind.

But your critical thinking mind willdecode it as truth and knowledgefast in other words your criticalthinking mind won’t even stop it and sayhey why don’t you do this it’ll just behey do this do that try that go therethere it is three most powerful waysto develop super heightened intuitionnow this is a very very powerful oneyou start to do this you’re going to seelike changes in your lifebecause now you have a cheat code calleda cheat code you’re going to be ahead ofeveryonethe business deals successmaking money happiness whatever you wantbecauseyou’re speaking or you’re tapping intothe right hemisphere of your brainwhere you have the etheric knowledge thetruthand you’re gonna bypass pretty mucheveryoneyou’re gonna be on point you know so nowyou havethis powerful teaching that you can useright nowto develop super heightened intuitionon demand.

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THE UNIVERSE WILL REWARD YOU” (manifest at lightning speed)

Do this and the universe will reward youthen repeat this you do this and theuniversewill reward you so what is thisget rid of junk that no longer servesyour highest selfget rid of junk that no longer servesyouin other words remove deadweight people thoughtsthings that are holding you backlimiting beliefslack of self-confidence all thesethings are holding you back fromachievingor amplifying your abundance frequencythat’s right these things createresistance resistance blocks the flowof energy towards our manifestationso how do you get rid of these things.

Very simple formula train your mind to only focus on what you wantin other words make it a habit topracticethinking of anything that will make youfeel a littlebetter what happens isyou have to understand how the universeworks and how it createsso the universe i like to refer to it asa self-correcting codewhat does that mean it basically meansthe universe will always revert back toits natural state of abundancelove abundance peace harmonyit doesn’t struggle to create anythingit’s infinite and everything is there atyour commandthat’s the natural state of the universethat’s what i call a self-correctingcodeso it’s always flowing in that directionthe universewould be compared to a huge ocean whereyou can goand you can take a little pail you cantake up some abundanceor you can take a big truck and scoop upa bunch ofwater but the thing is the water neverruns out it’s infinitethat’s the symbolism for abundancebut when you have thingssuch as junk what i call junk is thenegativethoughts the feeling that you’re notgood enoughor the mentality that you can’t have itor the limiting beliefs that are setor put up on you in society thatslows your manifestation.

 It drags your vibration it’s like you’re walking around with50 pound or 100 pound weights on yourbodycan’t go anywhere you can’t you’re notgoing to manifest what you wantbut if you start to release theseresistance the universe will reward youautomatically because you set yourselfup to be entangled with thatself-correcting coderemember it’s part of your natural birth right europe created from that same stars thesame atomicparticles the energies and everythingwere createdyou are a walk-in vibrational beingyou just see yourself in human formbecause of howour brains perceive reality.

 But you’reall energyevery single cell in you vibrates inresonanceso you are you have this harmonicbalancethat is flowing through you at this verymomentso what you have to start to do is remove the junk train your mind you discipline your mind and once you release the junkyou’re going to open up the way now forabundance the resistance is gonethe abundance come in doors will openwealth will explode your deepest desireswill materialize enlightening speed.

 Yes, I said lightning speed why because time doesn’t exist when itcomes to manifestationa matter of fact time is just anillusionin true reality time is right nowthere’s no linear time so you canmanifest that light in speedsbecause if you don’t have any resistanceyour subconscious mind is not proneto create lag it can manifest instantlyso you see so much is possible for youright nowall you have to do is start to prove itto yourselfby building your beliefs little bylittle you can start to question yourbeliefsyou can see that everything is made foryoursuccess so individuals that are holdingyou downmaybe relationships.

 That are holding you down maybe your own mind which is holding you down now is the time to tell a different storychange your beliefs get rid of the junkwhen you get rid of the junk you becomein harmonywith the self-correcting code of theuniverseonce you become in harmony there is nomore resistancewhere there is no resistance there isabundancesimply put you have to remember whatresistance isresistant works towards achieving whatyou don’t wantit’s pretty simple if you look atenergy you have dense denserlighter resistance is this very heavydense energythe reason why resistance creates somuchlag or it creates or blocks what youwant because the energy it producesn the vibration is so dense.

 Because it’s filled with fear and doubtand all these are heavy because thesehave been programmed into our mindsso as a collective consciousness weabsorb these andas a collective consciousness we givethe energy or the thought or thefrequency and it becomes very denseso when when the universe comes in whenthe right energy that lightweight energyto manifestit is being blocked by the denseresistance energy so when you get rid ofthe junksuch as people that are no longerserving youyour ego might want you to hold on nolet it go because rememberonce you let go and release it itamplifies your frequency of abundancethat’s very important that’s keythe amplification is what i’m talkingabout hereyou are naturally tuned to receiveabundance.

Because again you are created from that source so ifyou releasethe junk or the resistance or the deadweightyou start to amplify you start to openup the doorsyou start to manifest more fasterquickereffortlessly your success isvirtually guaranteed now repeat thatagainyour success is virtually guaranteedbecause the universe or thatself-correcting codeis what was always on your side you haveto rememberthat there’s a part of you which is notphysicalthat part resides within thatself-correcting codethat part is what’s funneling you andfeeding you your amplificationnow the communication get cuts off can’tget it to you clearly and consistentlythat’s the junk that’s resistance that’ssomebody that not serving that’s thepeoplethat are always negative theseindividuals are weighing you downit’s time for you to find your truepowerand start to honor your natural giftsand clear out the junk that no longerserves.

 Your highest purpose and once you start to do thisyou will get the signs from the universeof that self-correcting codewhich will be your synchronicitiesthings will start to magically appearnumbers paths all these things areshowing youthat your amplification is going up soonce you start to experience a lot ofsynchronicitiesit’s a great sign you’re amplifyingyou’re bringing up your vibration sokeep it keep that in mind you mustreleasethe junk you release the junk yourelease the resistanceyou release the resistance you allowabundanceremember that and now you have a verypowerfulmethod here to get your mind and yourvibration up and if you do thisthe universe the universe will reward you big time.

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vv66d4THE SECRET Left This Part Out (you will only manifest doing this)

So many of us have read the book the secret we’ve watched the movie and the secret the secret is basically showing you or describing to you a force known as the law of attraction it shows you how positive thinking can affect your life how you can attract what you want to wishes and positive thinking there’s a very important part that’s missing from the secret something they aren’t telling you something they left out and this crucial factor is what separates it working and not working this is why you have millions of people that use the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking to change their life but the fact remains it doesn’t work for many and when it does work it works inconsistently so what’s going on here what is the secret missing what did they fail to tell you well here’s the answer i’m going to reveal it to you i’m going to help you to understand.

 How your mind works you see the thing with the secret and the law of attraction it primarily focuses on you thinking positive think this way do this and your life will get better i’m sure many of us tried it does it work not really maybe for a little bit right but you don’t receive the lasting results you’re looking for so how can i receive the last results well the the part that the secret failed to mention to you is a part of your mind that controls everything it’s your subconscious mind see the secret is basically surface level information it gives you the surface level or the gist of how it works but it does not show you the how to the detail the act of repetition the act of discipline the act of learning how your mind works when it processes information so the most powerful part that’s missing is how your mind works and i’m going to show you right now how your mind works and not only that when you finish watching this video you can you can put it right into effect and you will start to see the results because it’s just how things are set up so when it comes to positive thinking it’s good positive thinking is good.

 but it goes beyond positive thinking see the thing with positive thinking is i can sit here and i can think good thoughts but there’s also a part of my mind it’s my ego it’s going to constantly attack me it’s going to constantly throw it down so i create resistance right there and this is why positive thinking is so up and down but if i go to my subconscious mind now and i program that part of my mind even my ego won’t be victorious in stopping me you know why because my subconscious mind controls my actions and my habit it overrides my conscious mind this is the part that’s missing in the secret how to target your subconscious mind so what is my subconscious mind mark.

 How does it work your subconscious mind is the unconscious the part of you that runs in the background it controls everything your metabolic state your immune system your breathing your heart rate it takes over your entire life it pre-plans it’s your actions and your habits when you think you’re thinking you’re actually not thinking you’re an auto pilot your subconscious is driving the show you were taught and believe that you run the show you apparently you don’t one percent five percent conscious mind do logical thinking analyzing your ego literally fools you to believe that you’re making decisions you’re not it’s your subconscious your brain processes information three seconds or in some cases five seconds before the decision is made and you act it out hence you think you acted out but it was already pre-planned that’s the subconscious mind that’s the missing link that’s the missing information how do i target it how do i use it here’s the keys number one become aware number two you have to use images and spoken language to target the subconscious mind.

 What else you have to be repetitive you have to be disciplined if you want to target your subconscious mind to change you have to start to surround yourself with new empowering information you have to start to bombard your mind with information that represents what you want to become for example if you want to own a business you have to start to look at things as business owners see positive results how can i own this business.If you want to get a car you have to start seeing yourself driving the car looking at information of individuals winning cars receiving cars that’s how your subconscious mind works how what else through meditation when you close your eyes and you and get into this deep breathing state you’re in a new dimension a different dimension you’re connected to the subconscious mind you can also do self-hypnosis you can also do hypnotherapy and the most powerful way is to subliminal affirmations if you bombard your mind with subliminal affirmations.

 They will eventually get in and the subconscious mind will change now here’s another caveat about the subconscious mind and a lot of individuals don’t realize it doesn’t like change it’s gonna fight you at first because it thinks it’s protecting you it’s illogical so i hope you can see you know from the surface level of we talk about the law of attraction and how things work i hope you can see now why things don’t always work out for you.

 Why you tend to self sabotage yourself why you tend to go up and down this making sense to you now you see that sometimes you’ll get the results sometimes you don’t that’s because your conscious mind is fighting the subconscious mind so you get some results sometime which we call willpower and then it comes back and then you sabotage yourself because your subconscious mind isn’t on alignment so positive thinking alone can’t do it you have to it has to be positive thinking along with subconscious programming because once your subconscious gets the information and the resistance is gone it becomes a new program and it start you start to act it out automatically.

 Your life starts to change now what we call the law of attraction which is just gravitational force mass attracting mass through frequency and vibration to quantum physics now these things will start to come to you because your subconscious mind controls that domain it is the only part of you that has access to infinite information it’s the only part of you that can create from the impossible things that you can’t even fathom things that you can’t see right now it can do all that it creates all that because the way it was designed and created it has infinite storage so once you master the subconscious you’ll master your reality.

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