Book Writer

My books describe some simple yet effective practices to help readers relax their minds and try to perceive the complexities of life, in an objective, detached, and more logical way, to understand and address their issues.

I have written 3 E-books, about healing and exploring the power within and the 4th is under way.

  1. The Art of Reprogramming Your Subconscious

The book takes you on a journey to your inner self. It is not your typical self-help book but provides some solid techniques and exercises to help you open up your mind and train your subconscious mind, to create a more positive outlook on life.

  • The Sorceress: Power of Quantum Healing

The Sorceress focuses on my experiences as a healer. It details how some of the quantum healing techniques I use can be useful for everyone. Quantum healing is about exploring the power of the conscious mind making it a healing organ, both physically and psychologically.

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3) Let’s Get Baked

The book explores the positive and medicinal benefits of Marijuana also called the cannabis. The psychoactive plant has a main ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that helps in certain therapies and medications.