Alpha Meditation & Relaxation

What is Alpha Meditation?

Alpha Meditation is a scientific meditation practice that offers a connection to your subconscious mind by setting it free. Alpha Meditation is based on our brainwaves and the alpha state. Practicing to shift our brain and system into Alpha State using Alpha Meditation, creates positive energy and is perfect for manifesting. It is often used in combination with visualizations, creating the future from within. Being able to shift into that state of consciousness is very powerful and can be used in many ways that support our happiness and well-being

Brainwaves & Alpha State

Brainwaves are the communications between the brain cells that use electricity to communicate with each other. There are 5 states of frequency: Alpha, beta, gamma, theta, and delta. Each one has an associated state of consciousness, and we are able to switch those states with some practice. Alpha and Teta are the most important and beneficial ones.

  • Gamma waves are characteristic for concentration, learning, and problem-solving. The frequency is around 32-100 Hz and is widely used to bring the brain into a state of concentration.
  • Beta waves are characteristic for alertness, active thinking, external attention, and anxiety dominance. The frequency is between 12-35 Hz.
  • Alpha Waves are characteristic for deep relaxation and passive attention. The frequency is between 8-12 Hz.
  • Theta Waves are characteristic for deep meditation, inward focus, and reduced consciousness. The frequency is between 4-8 Hz.
  • Delta Waves are created when we are sleeping. These waves heal and rejuvenate us whilst we’re sleeping. The frequency is between 0.5-4 Hz.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Most people switch between the Gamma and Beta Waves throughout daily life. When you practice meditation on a regular level, your Brain will use different waves which brings relaxation, the feeling of connection, and happiness. The Alpha State is reached when we are most relaxed and peaceful. This state is created when we are in deep meditation, the brain slows down and the mind is in a comfortable, relaxed state. This state helps us to heal our mind, body and create true, inner relaxation and happiness. 

Benefits of Alpha Meditation

Alpha Meditation lets you explore the subconscious mind throughout the transformation and discovering your spiritual side. This state of consciousness creates a deep, strong sense of relaxation and positive energy. It is very healthy for our brain and whole being to enter this state. It helps with our memory and ability to concentrate. Entering these frequencies is entered when being in deep meditation and therefore is alpha meditation one of the most powerful tools for relaxation.