About me

Delia Keane


Delia Keane is the founder of The Institute of vibrational resonance with an advanced degree in Metaphysics and Kinesiology. Her mission is to bring happiness to as many lives as possible through her healing, speaking, and writing skills.

Based in Dublin Ireland, the institute operates as a transformational network to support a conscious global community. The core idea of the network is to educate, inspire, and empower communities to live mindfully so that ultimately a collective consciousness can evolve.

Our Service

TIVOR offers digital courses, educational videos, and original documentaries to help people live a conscious and mindful life. Our tools for education and vast video library serve as a vessel for the community we seek to collectively empower. Our content delves deep into select niches of transformational, truth-seeking, alternative healing practices like yoga, tai chi, qi gong, and much more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help transform people’s lives for the better. To collaborate and facilitate change; inspire people and help explore their inner potential to live mindfully, develop a vision, and bring positive change to their lives.

Feedback & Reviews

Experience sharing of our valuable clients. 

I was devastated in my life and I needed a serious counselling regarding my family life, Delia’s book  helped me getting  out of this situation. I am thankful to her.

Jonathan Alvarez

Financial Manager at Acme

I strongly recommend Delia motivational audios if you need help with your job problems or anything related to professional life. She is gem of a person.

Russell Kennedy

Assistant Buyer at Globex

I have read various books regarding motivation as I was feeling low in my life but Delia’s book helped me come up with this. Just try Delia’s books or her audios. 

Janice Griffin

Copywriter at Dynamic

What Can I Do for You?

Healer, life-learner, motivator, and the woman behind The Institute of Vibrational Resonance; that helps transform hundreds of lives every day.

I’m a public speaker

I am a qualified life coach and provides individual and group-based life coaching sessions to people who are seeking guidance through life.

I’m a Motivator

As a motivational speaker, I deliver talks, lectures, seminars, webinars, and corporate training to help people achieve their true potential.

I’m a Writer

I am the author of 3 books about exploring the power within one’s own self and giving sound advice on how to achieve your goals despite the odds. 

Need Advice?

Seeking some guidance through life? Looking for some answers? Not sure what path to follow? You can always call me for a professional yet empathetic counsel.